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Are you feeling tired and exhausted?

Look no further than the best massage therapy in Singer Island at Ideal Wellness. We have trained massage therapists to unwind and loosen up your body. Through kneading and pressing, they relax the tight and tense tendons, muscles, ligaments, connective tissue and skin. Try out one of our sessions and rejuvenate your body!

HOw can MASSAGE help?

To enjoy a relaxing massage in Singer Island, call Ideal Wellness now and book an appointment. Our skilled masseuse will manipulate tissues, including muscles and skin, with varied movements and calculated pressure to provide relief. A good massage helps:

Even medical personnel recommend a regular massage to cope with the stress and pain caused by several medical conditions such as heart problems, autoimmune disorders, etc.

What we Offer

Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage / Sports Massage

We offer the best Deep tissue massage in Singer Island at Ideal Wellness. The trained therapist massages the body and targets the deep muscle and surrounding tissue layers. The deep tissue massage is specifically meant for people suffering from chronic pain, certain medical conditions and sports injuries. The muscle must be lengthened to reach the right length, and the deep tissue must be pressed to promote relaxation.

People suffering from flexibility and mobility issues benefit greatly from the therapeutic and healing deep tissue massage we offer. If you want to improve your range of motion and significantly taper the pain, then you’re at the right place. Ideal Wellness promises to treat you well!

Deep tissue massage targets muscles and connective tissue anywhere on the body, whereas sports massage targets specific trigger points. Sports massage is designed to treat injuries, relieve pain, stiffness, inflammation, and fluid build-up around injury points. It also heals sprains and muscular strain, improves mobility and encourages tissue release. If you’re looking to improve your sports performance, you’re in the right place. If you want a rejuvenating sports massage near Singer Island, book a session with us. Our therapists break down the scar tissue, adhesions and knots with the kneading and you, the athlete, feels immense relief.

Neuromuscular Therapy and Myofascial Releases

Neuromuscular Therapy / Myofascial Releases

Our expert therapists impart rejuvenating and therapeutic massages to eliminate nervous system conditions and chronic muscular stiffness. Various therapeutic approaches are exercised for neuromuscular massage/myofascial releases so pain and inflammation is reduced.

The trigger points that ache from repetitive movement injuries, nerve compression, and bad posture can cause significant discomfort. Nerves and muscles are manipulated through passive stretching and massages, promoting myofascial releases, better strength and flexibility. The body starts to heal with improved posture and regular massaging.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

This may be a common massage worldwide, but if you book a Swedish massage with the experts at Ideal Wellness, your overall health will improve, and the body's energy levels will increase. Vibration, kneading, percussion, rolling and tapping with a nurturing oil are done to benefit the body.

In this manner, the tight and tense muscles soon start to relax, and the blood flow improves. The soft tissues are ingeniously kneaded, and the blood vessels are stroked toward the heart, thus improving blood movement. Our therapist presses the different muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissues, etc, to promote elasticity, boost moods by increasing cortisol, stimulate nerves, reduce chronic pain muscle issues, and deal with anxiety.

Integrative Massage

Integrative Massage

Integrative massage is one of the most hooking and relaxing massages offered at Ideal Wellness. Different massage and bodywork techniques from several massage modalities are combined, and our experts ingeniously design an integrative massage.

This massage helps control chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety and other discomfiting conditions. After a relaxing session with us, you will experience a sense of physical and mental well-being and relief from stress.

If you want to feel nurtured and relaxed physically, emotionally and spiritually, come to Ideal Wellness. We use deep tissue massages, headache relief motions, myofascial release, stretching, trigger point pressing, etc., to attend to our clients.

Pre-Natal Massage

Pre-natal Massage

A woman undergoes several anatomical changes during pregnancy, and the extra "baby weight" can cause body aches and discomfort. You may feel incredible because of the new addition to your family. Still, the posture can cause unexplained aches that feel great relief with a prenatal massage at Ideal Wellness. The mother cannot lie face down for a massage and may need a pillow to pamper the baby belly. We have it for you!

Our massage therapist knows how to cushion the baby to provide support with a unique pregnancy pillow and presses only the permissible aching points. Massages may not be advisable in the first trimester, but well-designed light strokes during the acceptable months can provide significant relief to the mother.

Headache Relief massage

Headache Relief

Headaches in the scalp and forehead can be draining. The pain often strains the neck and shoulders too. You need to reduce your stress levels and relax. Book a session with one of our trained therapists to enjoy its health benefits. Our therapist applies firm calculated pressure on your forehead, temples, and neck trigger points to improve circulation and release tension.

Singer Island Massage Therapy

Therapists at Ideal Wellness have the know-how and skill to impart a relaxing massage for their clients and provide the best massage therapy in Singer Island. To enjoy the benefits, book a massage session with us today!