Do you juice or take supplements/vitamins/minerals?

How do you know that your supplements are truly working?

You may be superfit on the outside, but do you really know how healthy you are on the inside?

We can provide you with the answer to those questions....

“The amount of antioxidants that you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live.”

Richard Cutler, MD, Former Director of Anti-Aging Research, National Institute of Health

“Most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone. Pending strong evidence of effectiveness from randomised trials, it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements.” Journal of the American Medical Association

“Low levels of antioxidant vitamins may increase the risk of several chronic diseases.”

What are
Free Radicals?

Scientists believe free radicals contribute to the aging process. It’s a fact of life. We age every second of everyday. And although we can’t stop the aging process, we can take steps to improve our health as we age. Certain known causes of free radical damage, such as smoking or sun exposure, can have negative impacts on how we look and feel. Pollution, exposure to toxic chemicals – even the air we breathe, creates free radicals within our bodies.

Why should we be concerned about free radicals?

Free radicals are highly reactive, short-lived molecules that can damage proteins, fats, and even DNA inside of our bodies. Every day our cells get about 75 thousand free radical hits to their DNA. Most of the damage can be repaired by repairing enzymes inside the body, but the little bit of damage that can’t be repaired accumulates over time and can add to the problems associated with the normal aging process.

What are Antioxidants?

There are many different kinds of antioxidants and they work together to help fight the harmful effects of free radicals. Our bodies produce some antioxidants and other important antioxidants are consumed in our diets. All of these antioxidants work together to form a powerful system to support good antioxidant health. Antioxidants can actually capture or neutralize free radicals and therefore stop the chain reaction. One of the most powerful classes of antioxidants is carotenoids. Carotenoid antioxidants can help break the chain reactions of free radical damage. That’s why it’s important to get measured and know your Pharmanex® Antioxidant Score. After your initial measurement, you can take steps to raise your antioxidant levels by eating properly and by taking supplements.

By supplementing your diet with LifePak® and being scanned every 60 days, you will now be able to track your body’s antioxidant score and determine if LifePak® is helping to improve your antioxidant level.


The patented Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner is a cutting-edge testing tool that non-invasively measures carotenoid levels in living tissue, providing an immediate indication of a person’s overall antioxidant levels. Everyone can instantly know their own antioxidant status. This empowers individuals to make improvements to their diet and lifestyle, and helps them make an informed decision on which supplements are properly formulated to impact their antioxidant health.


The Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner is the world’s first measuring tool that gives you a Skin Carotenoid Score (SCS)—immediate evidence of carotenoid antioxidant activity in your body. By placing the palm of your hand in front of the scanner’s safe, low-energy blue light, within seconds you will obtain a reading of the carotenoid antioxidant levels in your skin—your Skin Carotenoid Scores (SCS)—which has been scientifically correlated to overall antioxidant status.

The technology of the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner is based on an optical method known as Resonant Raman Spectroscopy, which has been used for many years in research laboratories.

The Scanner measures carotenoid levels in human tissue at the skin surface using optical signals. These signals identify the unique molecular structure of carotenoids, allowing their measurement without interference by other molecular substances and providing the person being measured with their own SCS. In less than one minute you can find out if your diet, lifestyle and supplements provide the antioxidant protection you need for promoting health.


The Scanner technology works on the principle of light and the fundamental particle of light is a photon. White light has photons of different wavelengths, which are represented by colors. The Scanner produces a narrow beam of light in which all of the photons are the same color-blue.


Place the palm of your hand in front of the Scanner's safe, low-energy blue light, and you will obtain an immediate reading of the carotenoid antioxidant levels in your skin-your Skin Carotenoid Score.The Scanner produces a narrow beam of light in which all of the photons are the same color-blue.


By measuring the stable level of carotenoid antioxidants in your skin and generating your Skin Carotenoid Score, the Scanner provides a more accurate and reliable biomarker of your overall antioxidant health status than other methods of measuring antioxidants. Getting your Skin Carotenoid Score makes you aware of the antioxidant levels in your body-and gives you the push you need to improve your overall antioxidant health.


Get your Skin Carotenoid Score measured with the Scanner, take LifePak® or g3TM for 60 days, and get your Score measured again. You will have proof that Pharmanex® supplements can improve your antioxidant levels and your overall antioxidant health. In fact, Pharmanex guarantees that your Skin Carotenoid Score will increase as you take LifePak® or g3TM regularly as directed.