This style of yoga is all about that slow, steady calm. We all need it, crave it from time to time and yet we rarely give in to taking in a moment to breathe and be still. Elisa is here to hold that space for you, all you need to do is (and this is the hardest part), show up for yourself.”


Elisa first found herself on a yoga mat in 2004 while still a full time student studying Massage Therapy.  She was looking for a yoga experience and genuinely wanted to know more about this mystical ancient yoga stuff.   She     began practicing with a well seasoned and incredibly knowledgeable Hatha instructor, who also happened to be in her 70’s and  still standing on her head!  With the demands of school, work, 3 kids, and rural living, she began craving time on her mat.  Her yoga practice helped her navigate the struggles of life. 

In 2008, Elisa studied Thai Yoga Massage in Cleveland, Ohio (her home state!  Go Bucks!).  She wanted to blend yoga with her Massage practice and this work does that beautifully!  In 2015 she dove head first into a 200HR Yoga Teacher Training in Palm Beach Gardens.  This for me was my practice coming full circle.  She loves implementing yoga poses and breathwork into her Massage Practice. 

Yoga is about the relationship between the body, mind and breath.  It is all interconnected.  Whether it’s teaching Yoga Privates, Goat Yoga (yep, it’s a thing) or a slow flow Vinyasa, she loves watching students make the connection on their own, have an AHA moment when they realize they are able to move in ways they hadn’t imagined or that they are taking deep full breaths like never before.   Recently she trained with Love Your Brain to learn new ways to work with folks who have been affected by Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).  These classes are beginning in May 2021 and are geared toward students who are either new & curious, or injured in some way that prevents them from taking a regular studio class, dealing with anxiety or TBI’s, or have tried other classes and felt they were too fast or too hot or too “not for them”.  These classes are gentle yet challenging enough to give you a well rounded yoga experience. 

 Just start your practice and allow Yoga to meet you where you are!!